DIY projects

DIY projects that you can try at home with simple instructions, enjoy!

Beaded Serving Spoon

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I like to repurpose things around the house. Call me frugal, thrifty, or cheap but that’s just me. I want to show you how easy it is to decorate a serving spoon as a great gift idea. First you need some glass beads like the ones here on my mantel:


Then find some spoons that need some bling:


You will need some aluminum craft wire this is #8 gauge. With wire, the smaller the number, the bigger the wire is. You want to use E6000 craft glue this is the strongest for these beads and they will stay in place as long as you hand wash and don’t put in the dishwasher.


Create a pattern with your beads and put a drop of glue on each to hold them in place. Now, you will be tempted to finish this project now, but its very important to let them dry completely. I give them at least 2 hrs, sometimes overnight.







Now that your beads have completely dried, cut yourself some wire. Like I’ve said before, I like to use what I have around the house, and here I’ve used the line on my table. From end of table to this line measures 22″ this way I don’t need to pull out the measuring tape each time haha.


The wire is very pliable and will easily break if you bend back and forth with pliers or you can choose to use wire cutters.


With needle nose pliers turn the end in and continue turning. At this point you can place curled end in center of pliers and slowly wrap the end of wire to form a spiral. You can even grasp it in between your thumb and forefinger and turn into a spiral.



Now place your spiral at bottom of spoon handle hold your thumb on the spiral and with your other hand slowly start wrapping up the spoon in between each bead. This is the fun part, it’s very secure doesn’t need any glue.


When you get to the top of spoon, wrap the excess wire close together 3 or 4 times then finish with another spiral and Lay flat on handle… Wa lah!





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