How to repurpose a gift bag

Ever need to wrap a gift but don’t have any wrapping paper? This post will show you how to repurpose a gift bag and turn it into wrapping paper. Wrapping paper can be expensive and we always seem to have more gift bags laying around the house.









Create a fresh centerpiece with lemons

Do you ever wish you had a fresh centerpiece for your table? A lot of times you have what’s needed around your house. In this post, I will show you how to create a beautiful centerpiece with a mason jar, a couple of lemons and some yard clippings.








DIY glass beaded and wire wrapped serving spoon

beaded spoons

If you’ve read my blog, you know that I like to repurpose things around the house.  Call me frugal, thrifty or cheap, that’s just me.  Today, I want to show you how to easily decorate a serving spoon as a hostess gift or for your special table.   First, you need some glass beads like the ones here on my mantel.

g;ass beaded spoon

Supplies you will need:  Some aluminum craft wire.  This is #8 gauge.  With wire, the smaller the number, the bigger the wire is. You want to use E6000 craft glue.  This is strongest for these beads, and they will stay in place as long as you hand wash spoon and don’t place in dishwasher. You will also need a pair of needle nose pliers.

bead materials

Look for some spoons to bling out, and create a pattern with your beads on the handle of spoon, leaving space in between each bead for the wire.  Drop some glue on bead and let them sit for at least 2 hours.  You will be tempted to finish this project now, but it’s very important to give them time to dry completely.  Some times I let them dry overnight.

spoons      beaded spoons    beaded spoons

Now that your beads have completely dried, cut yourself some wire.  Like I’ve said before, I like using what I have around the house. and here I’ve used the line on my table.  From end of table to line measures 22″, this way I don’t need to pull out the measuring tape each time, haha.  Wire is very pliable and can be bent back and forth to break, or choose to use wire cutters.

Beaded spoons     wire cutting

With needle nose pliers, turn the end in and continue turning.  At this point, you can place the curled end center of pliers and slowly wrap the end of wire to form a spiral.  You can even grasp it with your thumb and forefinger and turn into a spiral.

wire craft      20130417-173402.jpg

Now place your spiral on the bottom of your spoon handle and hold your thumb on the spiral.  Start wrapping your wire up the spoon handle in between each bead.  This is the fun part, it’s very secure and doesn’t need to be glued down.  When you get to the end of the spoon, wrap 3 or 4 times around the top and finish with another spiral, wrap so the spiral ends on the front part and lay flat.   That’s it, you’ve made a beautiful beaded spoon!

wire wrapping spoon    wire wrapping spoon     wire wrapping spoon

beaded spoons

How To Display Your Kids Artwork

Do you ever wonder what to do with your kids artwork they bring home from school?  My boys are teenagers now, but I still have a wall in my home with some of my favorite artwork pieces from when they were kids.  Here’s a simple way to hang them up on a wall.  All you need are some frames, any kind will work.   I have frames that were meant for documents, and frames that are metal and some that are wood.  They work together because they are all black.  I’ve even spray painted some to keep the cohesive color theme together.   No need for spending money on fancy mats to go around the artwork, because the kids art is usually odd shapes and sizes.  I just use black construction paper behind all the pieces that don’t fit the frame.  Take a peek:

kids artwork

kids artwork gallery wall                    kids artwork gallery wall

kids artwork                    kids artwork

kids artwork gallery wall                  kids artwork gallery

I know, my kids have mad skills 🙂 Find a frame that will fit the artwork, and a piece of construction paper, I like using black for all the artwork. (Ignore the ugly black stain on my coffee table).   Cut the construction paper to fit the frame, and using double stick tape,  attach artwork to construction paper.  Make sure you date the back of the artwork!!!

how to frame kids artwork

READY TO HANG!   Now, that was easy and very inexpensive 🙂   that’s how I roll !

kids artwork

Repurpose Silk Flowers In a Vase

My girlfriend asked for my help in making centerpieces for her daughters upcoming rehearsal dinner.  She already spray painted clear glass vases she had around her house in a looking glass paint.  This paint gives the vase a silver mirrored effect.  The brides colors are silver and purple, so this was perfect for color scheme.  We walked around her home grabbing silk flowers off walls and pulling from behind closets gathering all the silk flowers we could in the same color scheme of purple. Good thing that happens to be colors in her home as well,    We were able to make 8 centerpieces from all the silk flowers she had around the house, and use all the glass vases from her home.  Great repurpose job and the final result is so pretty, she just might have to use them for the wedding as well! 


If you start by taping a criss cross pattern across the top of the vase, this will help your flowers stay in place and end result look much more professional.


photo (23)silk flowers

Using wire cutters, separate all the stems and cut them individually.


silk flower arranging


flower arranging

Final results !


silk flower arrangementsilk flower arrangement

variety of silk flower arrangements

How To Hang a Picture Frame

Goodmorning, today’s project is when you have the dilemma of wanting to hang a cute snapshot on the wall in a picture frame you have laying around the house, however this frame has no way of hanging.  All you need is a flip top aluminum soda can and a small screw and screwdriver… check it out! Image

This is great for sitting on the table, but not for hanging on wall…




Now that was easy!!!   I can’t take the credit, I saw this posted a while back on romance on a dime website.