Before and After

bathroom before         Downstairs bathroom before and after.   This dresser below I have had for over 20 yrs.  It’s been natural oak, sanded down and white washed oak over the years.  This time, I covered it in this gel stain that I’ve discovered and I love!  I’ve covered my staircase, frames and now a dresser with this gel stain.  It’s an awesome product.  There’s a lot of brands. I used Old Masters Gel stain in two different colors. You lightly sand down, then paint a clear polyurethane on top.  Let completely dry, then I used two colors of brown. First a medium brown first then a dark brown over.  It’s a process, but the final look is awesome!    Top of vanity was covered in some leftover 12 x 12 tiles I had on my side yard from an old project in my kitchen.  The sink was a bargain find.  Look on your local listings for sale of kitchen sinks, you’ll be surprised what you find.   The mirror was a sale item at Home Depot.

bathroom after

bathroom after

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