Welcome to Budget Gal From So. Cal blog. My name is Norma and I am a wife to a pretty awesome man and mom to three teenage boys. I am also a Zumba fitness instructor, decorator, beaded jewelry designer, cook, party planner & entertainer, seamstress, super crafty budget friendly cost efficient mama. I have a pretty good knack at copying a rather expensive look for a fraction of the price when it comes to design and décor. I just love that! To coin the phrase “champagne taste on a beer budget”, that’s me.

I’ve just taken complete full advantage of my husband with extreme mad skills when it comes to building ANYTHING. With a contractor husband, we just have to pay for materials and not the labor, but you need to be willing to wait a LONG time for the project to be done, week ends only.

This blog came to be after I created a website for my husbands general contracting business and realized that through the years, we have done a lot of beautiful repairing, rebuilding and restoring of homes that we have lived in over the course of our 25 year marriage… yikes… yes that’s 25 years, peeps!

I hope you enjoy this blog as I will try to keep you intrigued with decorating tips, ideas and projects as well as some yummy recipes, because I do love to cook. As we approach spring and summertime, I will probably be blogging about some gardening as I will be spending lots of time in our backyard oasis. I do hope to tackle my front yard this year, as it has been a thorn in my side for a while… stay tuned hopefully that will come later with pictures.

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